Certified Massage Therapist

This is a 625 hour program completed in 8 months.

This is our flagship program geared toward novices to bodywork and somatic therapies. It is both an entry-level, immersion / apprentice style massage therapy program where students will learn hands-on techniques to alleviate pain and bring relaxation and comfort to those in need and an additional focus of study for advanced therapies. Students will learn which health conditions are contraindicated for massage and how to safely apply chair massage and hot stone massage and develop deductive reasoning skills for effective treatment plan development for those in pain or with specific musculoskeletal issues. Upon successful completion of this 8-month, 625-hour program, the student will be presented with a formal Massage Therapist Certification of Completion, will be eligible to apply for the state board exam (MBLEx) and apply for State Licensing in Indiana using the credential of ‘LMT’. Please note: Indiana changes educational hour requirements from 500-hours to 625-hours for new license applicants effective on July 1, 2019 Indiana General Assembly 2018 HEA 1130.

Our students learn hands-on skills starting on the first day of class as developing a sense of touch are essential to this career. Our classes spend half the time teaching out of our textbooks, including discussion and half hands-on lab practicing various massage applications. Students should come to school dressed and prepared to give and or receive massage every class.

We spread the anatomy and physiology portion of the class out over the course of many months as to not overwhelm the student with too many medical terms and muscle names at one time. Please see our curriculum for specific information taught in this program.

As our newest class for beginners, the program lasts a total of 32 weeks spread out through an 8-month period. The total weekly hourly commitment for the program is 20 hours per week. A shorter completion time is available to novice students who wish to accelerate their program. Students who wish to accelerate will make special arrangements with our administrators for an individualized education plan and will be dependent on class and instructor availability.

There will be 16 hours set for supervised classroom and lab time per week. In addition, an average of 4 supervised onsite clinical hours with documentation per week. This occurs outside of class time. The Student Massage Clinic is open at various times during the week for students to come and practice or fulfill clinic hours.



There are currently no future classes scheduled at this time.



$100.00   Enrollment fee
$275.00   Textbook & supplies fee (due on first day of class)
$10, 000.00   Tuition costs ($625 down payment on first day of class)

$10, 375.00   Total investment in your education


Tuition Information

Textbooks & Supplies Fees of $275 and a tuition payment of $625 ($900.00 total) are due on the first day of class.  In the event of late enrollment, all past tuition fees must be paid in advance.

Tuition is billed the first of each month and can be paid automatically via credit/debit card, electronic funds transfer or by check.  There is a $25.00 charged for returned checks.

* longer payment options may be available.  Requests will be evaluated on a case by case basis and is subject to a service charge of no more than 10%.